About Me

As most of you know, I am living with Metastatic Breast Cancer (Inflammatory Breast Cancer) with Mets in my breast, my bones and my brain. Also, I was given 2.5 years to live on March 15, 2016. However when I was at my lowest, losing my transportation, my home, my job, income, my mind, peace and my appearance, my marriage, etc. everyone came together to do what they could for me. Now I beg you to please help me again. We can’t make it without you all! Thank you, thank you!
I need help more than ever to help me and my family again.
My good friend, Marian Bercescu, and I have decided to launch this platform rk-comfort.com and, being of the beginning, we need your support for growing up by creating an account on our website. For just $7/year, less then 60 cents/month, you may post unlimited ads like sales, trades, garage sale, renting, jobs and also you may advertise your Company.
I am praying to God for everyone to help me and my friend by spreading the word about our business by mouth, subscribing yourselves, sharing our web platform. We are here to help you to use the internet easily to do most anything. Please take time to look over this website and help us build this for your needs. If you have a question regarding anything on the site or have a suggestion for us, please let me know.
Support local businesses please!